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2016-11-22 11:47 am


u know the drill. comment with ur address and i'll send you a christmas card. all comments are screened.
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2016-08-02 12:22 pm

you've got mail!

because i'm obvi going through a quarter life crisis and reliving my childhood by embracing all the 90s things ever no rly i ordered butterfly clips on etsy i am 1990s trash baby i just ordered a ton of lisa frank stickers. which means i totally need to use them! as fun as it is to cover my notebooks in them (what better way to go back to college than with lisa frank) i think it would be way more fun to send you guys stuff COVERED in them. i meant to do a post like this back in january but i'm lazy and a ditz and didn't. better late than never?

basically, fill this out and i'll send you mail (eventually) covered in blindingly colourful and sparkly stickers! i'm a total geek and i love sending mail! email, shmeeeail! did anyone else do the pen pal project in grade school? remember how fun that was? i always loved it even if my pen pals always kind of sucked lol.

all comments are screened and i will never share your address/personal information with anyone. not that any randoms will come across this post but this is only open to people i have on plurk.